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What is the Monthly Payment Breakdown of a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program?

What is the Monthly Payment Breakdown of a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program?

Are you looking for a rent to own air conditioner or rent to own furnace and curious about the rent to own payment breakdown? We have the answers and the solution!

From shorter term agreements to longer term agreements, our team at Atwood is here to bring you the best solution, the best equipment, the best customer service, and the best term option for your budget.

Here at Atwood Rentals HVAC, our rent to own HVAC program offers four term length choices:

  • 36-Months
  • 48-Months
  • 60-Months
  • 72-Months

Our HVAC payment breakdown is designed to provide an affordable monthly payment over a determined number of months. Your first payment can also be set out as far out as 45 days from signing your contract.

The term length of your contract will affect your monthly payment. To find out how, keep on reading!

36 Month Term Agreement

Our rent to own HVAC program begins with a 36-month term agreement. Considered to be on the shorter side of agreement terms, your unit will be paid for in just three years!

With this type of short-term agreement, your HVAC payment breakdown will include a higher monthly payment; however, you will have your HVAC unit paid off faster. You’ll pay less in interest and less for your unit overall. Consistent payments are key in staying on this type of fast-track payoff.

If you can afford a 36-month term agreement, it’s a way to avoid paying more interest and lessening the overall amount you pay for a new furnace or air conditioner. It means more time to enjoy your HVAC system without a payment.

48 Month Term Agreement

While shorter term loans are a great way to reduce overall cost, a 36-month term agreement may produce a higher monthly payment than fits your budget. That’s why our rent to own HVAC program offers the next best thing, a 48-month term agreement.

With punctual payments, this rent to own payment breakdown will have your unit paid off in just four years. This is still considered a shorter-term agreement. The monthly payment will be a higher than with a longer-term agreement, but, it will be paid off faster, therefore saving you money in the long run.

Our dealers know you need a reliable system that you can afford. They will not try to upsell you or try to talk you into term agreements that aren’t in your best interest. If a 48-month term agreement isn’t ideal to your budget, we have longer term options; keep reading to find out about our longer term agreements!

60 Month Term Agreement

A manageable monthly payment is what you need when taking on any new expense. A longer-term agreement, such as a 60-month term agreement, will have a lower monthly payment than a shorter-term agreement. And this may be a perfect option for you and your family.

A rent to own payment breakdown with a lower monthly payment is desirable but extending the term agreement to five years will have more interest tied to it. You can knock some months off the term of your agreement by paying over the monthly amount and applying it to principal.

If you can, pay extra towards the principle of your loan, you’ll pay off your unit quicker. With our rent to own HVAC program, there’s no penalty for paying your loan off early.

72 Month Term Agreement

Atwood Rentals HVAC is the only company offering a 72-month term agreement. This this our longest-term agreement and will have your unit paid of in six years.

The monthly payment offered in this term agreement will be the lowest of all our term options. However, the life of the agreement will also the longest, meaning interest will be paid over the course of six years as well.

However, as with all our agreement terms, your payments will not fluctuate. You’ll know each month what your payment is without hidden fees or surprise charges. Plus, our rent to own HVAC program includes both installation of your new unit and removal of your old equipment. Even better? Our equipment labor warranty protects all our customers from costs associated with breakdowns during the term of the contract.

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