Rent-to-Own Heating & Air

Atwood Rentals is the premier supplier of rent-to-own heating and air systems. We offer flexible rent-to-own terms with no credit check. You can stop walking away from customers who don't have the savings for large up-front costs. Your customers no longer have to sacrifice comfort and system quality.

Why Become An Atwood Rentals HVAC Dealer?

Atwood Rentals HVAC's rent-to-own heating and air programs help you increase your profits. And you get to serve a segment of your community you otherwise couldn't. We bend over backward to provide your customers with a path to their system ownership. When traditional financing companies turn down your customer, we are your next step.

We offer your customers:

  • Flexible 36-month to 72-month terms
  • Affordable rates to meet every budget
  • No hidden fees
  • 5-year warranty
  • Old equipment removal included with the installation
  • Energy Star qualified equipment from all major brands
  • Discounts for enrolling in automatic online payments
  • No penalty for early payoff
  • Generous referral rebate
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Rent-to-Own Heating and Air

Why Atwood Rentals HVAC’s Rent-to-Own Heating and Air Program Is Different

At Atwood Rentals HVAC, we fund our own rent-to-own programs. You don't have to deal with a third party lender. No lender is telling us which customers we can and can’t help. Our underwriting is all in house, so we decide what level of risk to take on a contract. That makes us more scalable and more agile than corporate lenders. We have fewer parameters. Your customer doesn’t have to worry about a past credit issue. We don’t even look at their credit history.

Rent-to-Own Heating and Air Manufacturers

You Choose The Rent-to-Own Heating and Air Manufacturer

We can work with any brand in the country. But, we do prefer to stay true to referrals from our distributors. "Dance with the company who brought you." If you come in from Carrier we will set your client up with a Carrier system. But you’ve found us on your own, you can install the brand of your client’s choosing. We support your brand partnerships.

Dealer Payment

As soon as you turn in an invoice and submit the warranty registration, you get paid. If you submit it before 11:00 AM central time, you get paid that same day. We provide the ability for you to add additional materials to the contract as needed. This gives you control over your margins. It also allows you to augment the customer’s system to their requests. Do they want to add a Halo air purifier? No problem. You are in control.

Become An Atwood Dealer

Industry-Leading Web Portal

With our web portal, submitting the documentation is a snap. You provide us the system information through the dealer portal or by phone. We send your customer an application link. Using our secure customer portal, they upload the documents. They can use their computer or smartphone. Or, if they need help, hand it off to our customer service team. You can get on with your day and we'll notify you went we approve the installation. We keep you informed of every step in the process.

Here’s what we need from your customer:

  • Current mortgage statement or proof of ownership
  • Proof of income: social security, disability, pay stubs, or bank statements showing income
  • Valid picture ID
  • Voided check (once approved)
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Rent-to-Own Heating and Air Portals
Rent-to-Own Heating and Air Coil

Stop Walking Away From Business

Think about how many installations you’ve had to forgo in the past. All because a customer wasn’t approved for traditional financing. That’s money left on the table. Grow your business and increase your bottom line by becoming an Atwood HVAC dealer. Rent-to-own can be a difference-maker in your HVAC business. Becoming an Atwood HVAC Dealer is easy. And we can get you on-boarded the same day.

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