Buying a New Air Conditioner is Easy with Atwood’s Air Conditioner Rent-to-Own Program

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Easy Application & Fast Approval on AC Rent-to-Own

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No Credit Check AC Rent-to-Own Program

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Simple Air Conditioning Rent-to-Own Program

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Atwood Rentals HVAC is Here To Help You

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Broken HVAC Denied Financing

Atwood Rentals HVAC is Different

Atwood Rentals HVAC changes the game with our rent-to-own program. Rent-to-own HVAC allows you to get a new air conditioning unit for a low up-front investment of around $300-$500. Even better, we work with any homeowner, no matter their credit score.

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Life Happens. Bills Happen. Weather Happens.

When your air conditioning goes out in the middle of summer, the heat will overtake your home. Not only the heat but the humidity, as well, will cling to most everything. Hot and sticky makes for an uncomfortable situation. And, becomes more urgent if children or the elderly are part of your household.

Then, there is the cost of air-conditioning repair or replacement. Inconvenience turns into an unexpected hit to your pocketbook. Air conditioning units are expensive to replace but when it’s hot, it’s HOT. You have to do something.

You need an air conditioning system that works and doesn’t break your bank account. But the traditional finance companies aren't willing to work with you. Why is this so difficult?

Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner No Credit Check

Atwood Rental HVAC makes it easy.

We provide affordable home air conditioner rental with a quick approval process. We can get you an answer in 15 minutes. We provide the following flexible air conditioning options:

  • Top Air Conditioning Brands
  • Dependable HVAC Rentals
  • Low Air Conditioning Payment Plans
  • Term Length Choices
  • Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Options

Our national network of HVAC contractors install top-of-the-line brands. Choose from Ruud, Tempstar, Carrier, and more. Atwood Rentals HVAC provides dependable ac units that are worry-free. Systems that fit within your budget and aren't limited by your credit history.

You must be wondering, what’s the catch? There isn’t one!

There are benefits to rent-to-own HVAC not found from traditional lenders. Even the big financing, rent-to-own companies don't compare to our program. We offer great service and monthly payments that fit within your budget. Our HVAC rent-to-own programs go beyond to keep you covered.

  • Only Responsible for the Payment
  • Transfer Options
  • ENERGY STAR HVAC Rent-to-Own
  • No Hidden Fees. No Credit Checks. EVER.

We are proud to now offer our air conditioning rent-to-own service nationwide. Don’t let your family suffer through an unbearable summer without air conditioning. Get approved today!

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Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Fast

Quick Turn-Around

It seems trouble with an air conditioning system hits at the worst possible time. Either it’s the hottest day of the year or it happens when the family is visiting. We know that can be embarrassing and frustrating. We work with a wide network of air conditioning contractors. We coordinate the installation as soon as we approve your application.

Apply Now For Rent-to-Own HVAC

Easy Application & Fast Approval on A/CRent-to-Own

We have the easiest air conditioning rental application and approval process available! We can have your air conditioner rental approved in minutes; it's fast and easy. No crazy paperwork. Our Support Team is available to guide you through each step or answer any questions.

Easy Application

We won’t tie you up with a long drawn out questionnaire. The rent-to-own application is easy. It doesn't matter if you only need one component or a whole new system. The process is the same.

We only need 4 items to get started:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Current Mortgage Statement
  • Voided Check for ACH Payment
  • Fast Approval

We only ask for the necessary information. We aren’t sifting through piles of details during the approval process. With our HVAC no-credit-check policy, we aren’t waiting on the results of a credit check either. We’ve thought ahead to make sure our approval on AC Rentals is fast and hassleless.

Get started with your very own rent-to-own air conditioner today!

No Credit Check A/CRent-to-Own Programs

You and your family deserve top of the line air conditioning service. That’s why we devised an HVAC no-credit-check system. We step around the constraints of traditional air conditioning financing companies. Atwood Rentals HVAC offers a low-cost alternative to owning a quality HVAC system. Homeownership should be enough to qualify you for heating and air. We aim to keep you comfortable and safe no matter what your credit score says.

Payment Ability

If air conditioning financing has denied you, we can help. We understand how past credit issues can impact your life. We also understand that past and even current credit issues don’t define your ability to pay on time. We give you the respect and dignity you deserve.

Scrap the Credit Score

Atwood Rentals HVAC isn't looking at your credit score. We look at each application case-by-case. We don’t define you and your family by statistics. You are more than a number.

Did the lenders turn you down? Our HVAC no-credit-check rent-to-own program is the perfect solution. Don’t let previous loan attempts and letdowns be a deterrent.

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Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Payments
Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Comfort

Simple A/CRent-to-Own Programs Make Your Life Easier

Summer is HOT and HUMID. What if your ac breaks down again this year? Are you hoping to get through one more summer before biting the bullet? No matter how hard you try, budgeting for a new HVAC doesn’t happen.

Our flexible HVAC rent-to-own program puts a new air conditioner within your budget. First, you choose the length of your rental agreement. Then, we tell you the up-front investment based on the duration of your program. Monthly payments are set up with hassle-free rent-to-own HVAC options:

  • ACH Monthly Payment Discount
  • Early Payoff Options
  • Multiple Term Options
  • Referral Rebate

With four options to choose from, our average up-front investment for HVAC rentals is $300-$500. Pick the term length of your residential air conditioner rental:

  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months
  • 72 months

Atwood Rentals HVAC is the only rent-to-own HVAC company offering a 72-month contract. Our monthly rate plan is affordable and will get you through the dog days of summer.

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Atwood Rentals HVAC is here to Help You

We understand that air conditioners break down. You have to replace them. New units are often too expensive for the average family to buy outright. That’s why we offer rent-to-own air conditioners.

We designed our HVAC leasing programs to keep you and your family comfortable. We want your comfort to be worry-free. And, we want you to live within a budget you can afford. We have the best service representatives in the industry. We work with licensed HVAC contractors who do quality work. And we treat our customers with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Are you tired of automated messages with big financing and large rental companies? When you call Atwood Rentals HVAC, we have real people ready to:

  • Help you choose a reputable HVAC contractor from our network.
  • Identify your needs and restore your air conditioning at the lowest possible cost.
  • Work with HVAC contractors to install your HVAC system.
  • Research all applicable discounts to determine an affordable air conditioning payment plan.
  • Provide help with scheduling air conditioning installation and residential air conditioning replacement.
Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Help

Here at Atwood Rentals HVAC, we began our journey with you in mind. We've identified a growing number of families in need of new ac units without the ability to buy. We knew we needed to make a change. We bypass credit scores. We look at applications on a case-by-case basis and don’t penalize you for early payoff. We’re in this with You. We’re in this Together.

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