No Credit Check! HVAC Financing May Deny You. We approve 93%!

Our rent-to-own program requires no credit check. HVAC Financing may have denied you for a replacement heating and air system. Atwood Rentals HVAC is here to help.

You've experienced a life-changing event that left you with bad credit. it’s not our business to ask what happened. It is our business to help you recover your family's comfort and safety. Whether that means you need heat in the winter or cool air in the hot summer months, we have options you can afford.

Benefits of our Rent-to-Own Program:

  • Transfer of the Program to the Next Homeowner.
  • Great Service for Only One Low Monthly Payment.
  • Our ENERGY STAR Qualified Equipment will Help You Save Energy and Money.
  • Only Responsible for the Payment.
  • Units that Save Energy and Save Money.
No Credit Check HVAC Financing

The Rent-to-Own Difference

Our network of certified and reliable contractors can put an end to your heating and air worries. Atwood Rentals HVAC provides the most affordable, worry-free rent-to-own program available. We deliver excellent service. Our equipment is top of the line name brands backed by our parts and labor warranty.

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No Credit Check HVAC Financing Flexible Options

Flexible and Affordable Options

Atwood Rentals HVAC currently offers hassle-free options to a wide range of consumers:

  • ACH Monthly Payment Discount
  • Early Payoff Options
  • 36 to 72 Month Term Options
  • Referral Rebate
  • Easy/Quick Approval

Our rent-to-own solutions differ from traditional loans. We offer convenient contract terms with affordable monthly payment options. We don't do any credit check. HVAC Financing companies may have denied you. You can still qualify with Atwood Rentals HVAC!

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No Credit Check HVAC Financing Customer Service

Best In Industry Customer Support

Our Support Team is on your side. We will help you select a reputable HVAC contractor in your area from our network of contractors. We work with the contractor to restore heating and cooling needs at the lowest possible cost. Our agents work with you to determine an affordable monthly payment. That includes any applicable discounts. They then assist in scheduling the successful installation of your replacement system. And we service your account on an ongoing basis. Your contract is never sold to another company. And we treat you with dignity, kindness, and respect. Our mission is to provide a clear path to ownership of your heating and cooling system. No gotchas.

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No Credit Check HVAC Financing Dealers

What’s the average price of a replacement system?

On average, our systems currently cost $6,801 with an average deposit of $500. We will take your credit or debit card payments for the deposit. You make monthly payments by ACH.

Find A Dealer or Bring Your Own

If you've found out about Atwood HVAC on your own, we will recommend at least two of our verified dealers. Or, if you’re already working with an HVAC company that's not in our system, we can get that dealer set up the same day. The speed at which we can onboard new dealers is unique in the industry. All we need is a certificate of insurance and for them to sign up as an Atwood dealer. We don't release payment to the dealer until you are completely satisfied with the work.

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Signup Process with No Credit Check. HVAC Financing Denials Not A Problem.

Our rent-to-own application process is seamless. We can send them a link to apply through our easy-to-use online portal to fill out your own. Or, you can email or text us documents and we’ll help you through the process.

You need to provide a current mortgage statement or proof of homeownership. We'll need a picture ID such as a driver's license or passport. We also need a current check stub or proof of social security disability. Or, you can provide two months of bank statements where we can see a recurring income. There is no credit check like traditional HVAC financing companies. We don’t do any searches for NSF or overdrafts. We only look at the documents you provide.

You can set your first payment as far out as 45 days from signing. There are terms from 36 months all the way up to 72 months.

We know you are in a unique situation. Past credit issues are preventing you from buying a system with traditional financing. We've designed our rent-to-own alternative for you. You can rest assured that you are not going to get overcharged or upsold on a system you don’t need. You can work with the dealer with whom you are most comfortable.

There are no hidden fees. Your payments never fluctuate. And there are no pre-payment penalties. You can pay it off whenever you are ready. We can approve you in 15 minutes and get your system installation underway within the same day.

Trouble Finding No Credit Check HVAC Financing?

When you call for emergency air conditioning or heating service, you don’t always have ready cash. The situation can be serious, especially in the hottest and coldest months. Traditional HVAC financing companies have strict underwriting requirements. And they can be slow to decide. They often are dealing with banks and aren’t in control of all the decisions. 2 days later, they deny your financing -- leaving you back at square one.

Atwood Rentals HVAC is different. We fund our own rent-to-own programs and do our own underwriting. There is no middleman outside of our control. We approve rent-to-own applications in 15 minutes. You don’t have to let credit issues cause your family to suffer through the heat and cold.

How Does No Credit Check Rent-to-Own Compare To HVAC Financing?

Plans range from 36 months to 72 months. Atwood Rentals HVAC is the only company that offers 72 months on a rent-to-own contract. The payments never fluctuate. We are also the only company that offers contract payoff. No pre-payment penalties or hidden fees.

Our “no credit check” rent-to-own heating and air conditioning programs are simple. We get you set up with a system even if you're strapped for cash. HVAC financing may have denied you and you can still qualify. We provide a range of system configurations and name-brand manufacturers.

No Credit Check HVAC Financing Alternative

Customer Service That Cares

You will always talk to your assigned account manager. None of this calling an 800 number and getting a random agent in another country with no authority to help you. Our customer service agents live and work in Tennessee. They have the ability to help you with whatever issues you are having. Immediately.

Easy Application Process

Our web portal is state of the art and simple to use. Our secure system allows you to upload all the documentation we need. Either from your computer or your smartphone. Within 15 minutes we will give you an answer. Try it now and see if rent-to-own is the solution for you!

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