HVAC Leasing Alternative

The HVAC Leasing Alternative For Your Customers

Atwood Rentals HVAC offers rent-to-own options for your customers. We are not a leasing program. Our rent-to-own program doesn’t have the inflated interest rates of leasing agreements. And with us, your customers end up owning their units at the end of their term. As you know, a well-maintained HVAC system can last 10-15 years. Rent-to-own is the sound option when traditional HVAC financing denies your customer.

Don’t You Hate Walking Away?

There’s nothing worse than hearing from a finance company that you can’t help your customer. You get to be the bearer of bad news. And you lose time and business! Atwood Rentals HVAC created our rent-to-own program to solve this problem. We're providing a way for you to help your customers and stop leaving that money on the table.

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HVAC Leasing Vs Rent-to-Own

When Offering HVAC Leasing Feels Wrong

We have been HVAC technicians. We understand your dilemma. Many customers need a new system and can’t afford it. Past credit issues have impeded your attempts to get them traditional financing. You’ve known about leasing programs for years, but you haven’t felt right about suggesting them.

Rent-to-own is different. We provide your customers with a path to HVAC ownership despite their bad credit. They choose between 36-month and 72-month terms. And you still get paid like with traditional financing.

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How HVAC Leasing Alternative Works

How The Rent-to-Own Alternative to HVAC Leasing Works

We come in when you have been in the home, evaluated the needs, and the customer is ready to move forward. You’ve submitted to your finance company, but they have denied your customer. Before now, you’d be stuck saying "I'm so sorry. I can’t help you." Awkward! And frustrating for you with regard to your time and profitability. That's where we come in. We get them approved fast through our rent-to-own program.

HVAC Leasing Alternative Vs Financing

How Our Rent-to-Own Program is Different From HVAC Leasing and Traditional Financing

Unlike leasing, we provide your customers with a clear path to ownership. Our dedicated, US-based customer service team help your customers achieve that goal. They always talk to the same assigned agent who treats them with dignity and respect.

Traditional financing companies are usually tied to a big bank. Atwood Rentals HVAC finances our own contracts. We are not a go-between. There’s no “big lender” telling us what we can or can't do. We create our own lending rules. Our underwriting is all in-house. We are more agile and able to accommodate the changing market. We have fewer parameters, so we can make fast decisions. There are no worries about your customer’s credit score.

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HVAC Leasing Vs Rent-to-Own

Dedicated Dealer Agents To Assist You

If you have a client that needs more hand-holding or has technical issues, call us. You have a dedicated sales representative ready to help you at any time. Call them and explain the system needs, and we take it from there. We’ll work with the customer to get approved and notify you when you can install it.

How Do My Customers Apply?

You visit their home and determine the system needs. If financing falls through, you can add the customer using our dealer portal. We email your customer a link where they can fill out the application. They upload our required documentation from their computer or smartphone. Once the application is complete, we will give them an answer within 15 minutes. We also notify you when we approve them and when they make the deposit. You can get on with your day until they are ready for installation.

Here’s what we need from your customer:

  • Current mortgage statement or proof of ownership
  • Proof of income: social security, disability, pay stubs, or bank statements showing income
  • Valid picture ID
  • Voided check (once approved)
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What Manufacturers and Systems Are Available Through Your HVAC Leasing Alternative?

We can work with any brand in the country. But, we do prefer to stay true to referrals from our distributors. For instance, if you come in from a distributor like Carrier we will set your client up with a Carrier system. But you’ve found us on your own, you can install the brand of your client’s choosing.

Our contracts are for 14 and 15 seer systems based on the requirements of the region. These systems don’t have the high-efficiency bells and whistles. There are no Nest thermostats, wireless systems, or all the extras. The goal is to provide reliable, affordable heating and air to your customers. At the end of the day, they need a heating and air system they can trust.

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HVAC Leasing Vs Rent-to-Own
HVAC Leasing Vs Rent-to-Own

How Are Dealer Payments Made

We pay you as soon as you turn in an invoice and submit the warranty registration. If you send that in before 11:00 AM central time we can pay you the same day.

Additional Materials

It’s important to us to make sure you profit from working with Atwood Rentals HVAC. We allow you to add additional materials and costs to the contract as needed to protect your bottom line. It's a place you can make up for pricing differences from region to region. Or, you can make the cost adjustments necessary for larger dealers. We stay out of the way of our dealers. You adjust pricing so you get the margins they need. It also allows you to augment your customer’s systems at their request. We add this cost to their rent-to-own contract.

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HVAC Leasing Alternative Customer Service

The Rent-to-Own Customer Service Difference

HVAC leasing companies can be difficult to deal with both as a dealer and a customer. Atwood Rentals HVAC strives to be different. We want to see your customer navigate the path to system ownership. So we go out of our way to establish a good relationship with them.

The relationship we build with you is as important. When you work with a local distributor, you tend to talk to the same person at the counter every time. We want you to have that same kind of relationship with us.

We have an incredible level of customer service. Our hands-on sales team has direct relationships with each dealer. If you run into something in the field, you won’t be calling some 800 number and getting a random representative. You always work with the same sales agent. You have his or her cell phone number. You'll have their email.

We bend over backward to make your company more profitable and keep your customers happy. Get started becoming an Atwood Rentals HVAC dealer today!

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