When HVAC Financing Isn’t Possible

The heating and cooling system affects how your customers feel. It can even be a safety concern during the hottest and coldest months of the year. It's disheartening to tell a customer that they are not qualified for HVAC financing. The Atwood Rentals HVAC rent-to-own program offers an alternative. We have flexible plans and payment options. Now offer quality replacement systems to the customers you would otherwise leave behind.

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Customer Denied for HVAC Financing
Dealer HVAC Financing Denied

The Next Step When Customers Are Denied HVAC Financing

You’ve analyzed your customer’s system needs. They’ve agreed to move forward with their replacement system. But, the finance company turns them down for traditional HVAC Financing. As the service technician, you’re stuck in an awkward situation. What can you do now? That's where Atwood Rentals HVAC comes in. We get them approved through our rent-to-own program.

How Does The Atwood HVAC Process Work?

Login to our online data portal. It's that simple. You can configure your customer’s system. Add the additional materials required for the job. Send the application link to your customer. The customer submits the required documents. Atwood Rentals HVAC responds with an answer within 15 minutes.

The Industry’s Best Dealer Support

We’ve been HVAC technicians. We know how your day can go. Sometimes, you don’t have the time or Internet access to hand-hold customers. You need to make sure they get through the application process without you. Give us a call:

“Hey Atwood, I've been at this call for two hours. I'm a little behind now. I need to get back on the road, go to my next call. Can you get my client approved and let me know when I can install their system?”

No problem! We'll take it from there. Your dealer representative is ready to help you anytime.

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What Kind Of Systems Can Customers Install?

We contract for 14 and 15 seer systems based on the requirements of the region. As a dealer, we want your profits to be in line with traditional HVAC financing. We want to increase your bottom line - capturing the deals that are currently left behind. These systems don’t have the high-efficiency bells and whistles. No Nest thermostats, wireless systems, and other extras. But they are quality standard heating and air systems. At the end of the day, your customers need an HVAC system they can trust.

What Makes Atwood HVAC’s Lease To Own Different Than Traditional HVAC Financing?

We finance our own contracts. We are not a go-between. The deal never hinges on some third-party lender. There’s no “big lender” telling us what we can or can't do. We create our own lending rules. Our underwriting is all in-house. We are more agile and able to accommodate the changing market than corporate HVAC Financing companies. We have fewer parameters, so we can make fast decisions.

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HVAC Financing Rent-to-Own Systems

What Brands Do You Use?

We can work with any brand in the country. We do prefer to stay true to referrals from our distributors. If you come in from a distributor like Carrier, we will set your client up with a Carrier system. But if you’ve found us on your own, you can install the brand of your client’s choosing.

HVAC Financing Rent-to-Own Dealer Payment

How Do You Handle Dealer Payment?

As soon as you turn in an invoice and submit the warranty registration you get paid. If submitted before 11:00 AM central time, you can get paid that same day. You are able to recover revenue otherwise lost. No downsides.

How Fast Are Customers Approved?

Once all documents are in uploaded, it only takes 15 minutes. Your customer must be the homeowner and be current on their mortgage. The required documents are: a current mortgage statement, proof of income, picture ID, and a voided check. All uploaded to our portal.

How Do Your Terms Compare to Traditional HVAC Financing?

Atwood Rentals HVAC is the only company that offers 72-months on a rent-to-own contract. Plans range from 36-months to 72-months. The payments never fluctuate. We are also the only company that offers contract payoff. No pre-payment penalties or hidden fees.

Customer Service

When you work with a local distributor, you tend to talk to the same person at the counter every time. We want you to have that same kind of relationship with us. We have an incredible level of customer service. Our hands-on sales team has a direct relationship with you. If you run into something in the field, you aren’t limited to an 800 number with a random representative. You always work with the same sales agent. You have his or her cell phone number. You'll have their email. Relationships are key to our operation.

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HVAC Financing Alternative Rent-to-Own Contract

Dealer and Customer Portal

Our user-friendly dealer and customer portals are unique in the industry. They work on phones, tablets, or laptops. The portal provides secure document upload and digital contract signing. You can take pictures in the field of the documents for upload to the system so we can get the contract approved. Click a button and send an application link to your customer.

You can follow a contract from start to finish. You can see the application status. You'll get notified upon contract approval. You'll know when your customer makes the down-payment. You can track every step in that process if you like. We send email notifications every step of the way. It's better than anything that's on the market.

Atwood Rentals HVAC Financing Alternative Web Portal
Atwood Rentals HVAC Dealer

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Heating and cooling emergencies happen when your customers least expect it. And when a new customer has bad credit, it means you can’t help them with a replacement system. You can stop leaving money on the table when HVAC Financing falls though.

Grow your business and increase your bottom line by becoming an Atwood HVAC dealer. Lease-to-own can be a difference-maker in your HVAC business. Becoming an Atwood HVAC Dealer is easy. We can usually get you on-boarded the same day.

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