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Help! My HVAC Unit is Broken: What options are there for families with less than stellar credit?

Atwood HVAC Lease To Own System

The Best Alternative to Traditional HVAC Financing with Bad Credit: HVAC Rent-to-Own Programs

If your AC unit or furnace breaks down and you don’t have the best credit, your situation may seem dire. These days it seems like your credit score determines everything in your life, even getting financing for household appliances. Finding an affordable replacement HVAC unit without sacrificing quality is not impossible, though!

Before you settle for a window unit or try to repair your existing unit with little success, consider a rent-to-own air conditioner or furnace program. Atwood Rentals HVAC rent-to-own HVAC units allow you to find an alternative to air conditioning financing, bad credit or not.

Affordable, No Matter Your Credit Score

Depending on your individual circumstances it can take months or even years to improve your credit score. A low credit score shouldn’t affect your ability to stay comfortable in your home when your air conditioner or furnace breaks down. If you are eligible for air conditioning financing, bad credit often dictates your interest rate, forcing you to pay for your new unit for years to come. But be wary of no credit check heating and cooling offers. As appealing as they may seem, many companies who make these offers will either offer you an old or used model or charge you extra for the “convenience” of not checking your credit. Atwood Rentals’ rent-to-own central air conditioners and full HVAC systems are always affordable, regardless of your credit score. We work with name brand HVAC units and have a variety of term lengths to ensure your HVAC rent-to-own payments are affordable.

No Large Up-Front Costs

The average homeowner doesn’t have thousands of dollars set aside just in case their HVAC unit unit breaks down. Our HVAC no credit check, air conditioner rent-to-own program includes a realistic up-front investment, usually between $300-$500. We don’t think you should have to put your budget into a tailspin just because you need to find a new air conditioning or HVAC unit for your home.

No Hidden Fees

This is usually the point in the no credit check heating and cooling plan when you expect to see some fine print or hear a lawyer speaking VERY fast. You shouldn’t have to pay hidden fees when you choose a rent-to-own air conditioner. Atwood Rentals believes in transparency and, as such, you won’t find any unknown charges or hidden fees in our HVAC no credit check program. The Atwood Rentals rent-to-own HVAC units only require the initial payment and then your monthly payments through the end of your rent-to-own HVAC term. Every rent-to-own air conditioner term includes delivery and installation, parts and labor warranty, transfer options, and Energy Star certified equipment.

Discounts Available for Online Automatic Payment

One of the most common reasons people are denied air conditioning financing is from missing payments. We understand that everyone is human and it can be difficult to keep track of all of your monthly bills, especially when they are due on different days or you run into a financial hardship.

We want to make sure your rent-to-own central air conditioner or furnace terms are easy to manage. We offer an automatic online payment option, AND we give you a discount on your air conditioner rent-to-own term when you choose to have your monthly payment automatically paid from your account each month.

We’ll Never Check Your Credit!

It doesn’t matter why you have been denied financing in the past, if you apply for a rent-to-own HVAC unit with Atwood Rentals, we will NEVER check your credit. We don’t believe your credit score should have such a massive effect on your daily life. Unlike other no credit check heating and cooling companies, our HVAC no credit check application only requires four items. Once you submit a photo ID, proof of income, current mortgage statement, and voided check you can get approval for your rent-to-own air conditioner within 15 minutes.

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