Denied Air Conditioner Financing?

Has traditional air conditioner financing turned you down? There is another option. Atwood Rentals HVAC offers rent-to-own air conditioner systems. We get you back to normal fast. Our dedicated team will have your replacement air conditioning system installation underway today. We provide flexible payment plans with no credit check. You get the relief you need today.

Air conditioner systems are a big expense, but we understand you can’t make do without one. It isn’t only a matter of comfort. It can be a matter of safety in the hottest and coldest months. We provide rent-to-own solutions that work for you no matter your credit history.

Our helpful staff guides you through the entire process. We help you get approved fast. We treat you with dignity and respect throughout your contracted term. We guide you on the path to your system ownership. We offer discount plans for automatic online payment. You can even pay off early with no penalty.

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Denied Air Conditioner Financing
Air Conditioner Financing Alternative

Find A Dealer or Bring Your Own

Give us a call and we will recommend at least two of our nationwide, certified HVAC experts. Or, if you’re already working with a dealer that's not in our system, we can get that dealer set up the same day.

When your air conditioner financing fell through, you may have felt hopeless. Your HVAC company may have said they were out of options. The Atwood Rentals HVAC program is new to the industry. Let your technician know they can become an Atwood dealer. The speed at which we can onboard new dealers is unique in the industry.

You Are In Control

You pick the HVAC installer with whom you are most comfortable. We negotiate with the contractor. Our job is to take care of your heating and cooling essentials with the lowest possible cost to you. You verify HVAC system installation before we release payment to the dealer. You pick the terms of the contract. There is only one low monthly payment. You know exactly what you owe and those payments never fluctuate. There are no hidden fees and you can pay off early anytime.

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Air Conditioner Financing Quality

Quality Comfort Systems And Peace of Mind

Our rent-to-own systems are premium units with Energy Star ratings. You may even see a reduction in your energy bills. We include a five-year "parts and labor" warranty. Our systems stand the test of time years beyond your contract term.

The Installation Process

We will work with you to schedule your replacement unit installation. Our technicians remove your old unit as part of the rental installation. They make repairs to existing ductwork to ensure your system runs as designed.

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Air Conditioner Financing Deal Alterntative Rent-to-Own

No Credit Check

If you have bad credit, not to worry. We don’t do a credit check. We don’t do any searches for NSF or overdrafts. We only look at the documents you provide.

Fair Pricing Structure

We understand you are in a unique situation. Your credit history has affected your ability to get traditional air conditioner financing. With Atwood HVAC rent-to-own, you can rest assured that you are not going to get overcharged. You also won't be up-sold on a system you don’t need.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own When Air Conditioner Financing Falls Through

There is no credit check. You get approved in 15 minutes after uploading a few required documents. The payments don't fluctuate, there are no hidden fees, and there are no penalties to pay off early.

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No Third-Party Involved

With Atwood Rentals HVAC, you never have to deal with a third party lender. We fund our customers rent-to-own systems. This allows us to make decisions on your application fast. We don’t have a bank or loan broker to go through.

Apply for Atwood HVAC Rent-to-Own

We can approve you in 15 minutes and get your system installation underway within the same day. Our application process is quick and simple. Your dealer can send you an application link through our easy-to-use online portal. Or, if you don’t have a dealer, apply now and we’ll get you approved and provide two local HVAC vendors who can help you.

All you need to apply is:

Current mortgage statement or proof of homeownership

To apply for Atwood Rentals HVAC rent-to-own, you have to be the owner of your home.

Picture ID

A driver's license or passport

Proof of Income

That can be a current check sub; proof of social security disability; or two months of bank statements where we can see a recurring income.

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Easy Rent-to-Own Alternative To Air Conditioner Financing

Rent-to-Own HVAC Terms

Once approved, we need a deposit on your new system. You can set your first payment as far out as 45 days from signing. We provide payment terms from 36 months all the way up to 72 months. We are the only rent-to-own HVAC company in the industry that can provide 72-month terms.

How much is a lease to own air conditioner system?

The current average system costs $6,801 with an average deposit of $500. We can take credit or debit cards for the deposit. You make monthly payments by ACH from your checking account.

Air Conditioner Financing Customer Service

Atwood Rentals HVAC’s Unparalleled Customer Service

Customer service is our business. We focus on our relationship with you. All our customer representatives are US-based. You will interact with the same agent for the life of your account.

Our Easy To Use Application Website

We understand you are currently without a working air conditioner. Dealing with this might be keeping you from work and attending to family. Being turned down for traditional air conditioner financing is frustrating. You aren’t sure where to turn. That’s why we’ve made the rent-to-own application process as simple as possible.

Our website allows you to securely upload all the information we need. You can do it from your computer or smartphone. Once submitted, we can get back to you within 15 minutes with an answer.

Call Us If You Need Help

While our website application is quick and easy, we are also here to help if you are having trouble. You may have limited internet access. Or, you may have a disability. We are here to help. Call us at 833 RTO-HVAC (833-786-4822).

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What If I Sell My Home Before The Contract Is Up?

If you sell your home, the Atwood Rentals HVAC program is transferable to the new owner. Or you can pay off early as part of your closing costs. Having a new HVAC system can actually increase your home’s value and help it to sell.

Refer Your Friends and Family

We provide generous rebates when you refer customers to us. If you know someone who's been denied air conditioner financing, send them our way. We’ll get their heat and air working. And we’ll treat them with the same dignity and respect that you’ve experienced with us.

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Air Conditioner Financing Selling Home